This portion of the blog is a description of the basics of patents and may be used by inventors before speaking with a patent attorney.

Houston Patent Attorney: Priority Deadlines for Design Patent Applications

Design patents are a type of industrial design right, where the ornamental design of a product can be protected. In most countries design patents are called “Industrial Design” patents. In most cases, design patent applications have the same filing deadlines and priority due dates as utility patent application. However, there are several differences. First, PCT [...]

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A Houston Patent Attorney’s Review of PLAS-PAK INDUSTRIES, INC. v. Sulzer Mixpac AG.

Intended purposes arguments are alive and well!   In this case Sulzer Mixpac Ag owns patent number 7,815, 384, which is directed towards a device for mixing and dispensing Multi-components paints. A representative independent claim is reproduced below. 1. A device for applying a coating, comprising at least two cylindrical cartridges, a static mixing nozzle [...]

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What are the differences between a Non-Final and a Final Office Action?

WHAT IS AN OFFICE ACTION? An “office action” is an official letter from the United States Patent and Trademark Office representing a patent examiner’s review of the status of a pending patent action. Typically, an office action indicated that none, some, or all of the pending claims are allowable, and the patent examiner’s concerns regarding [...]

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Should I file a design patent, a provisional patent, or both?

Initially please review an overview of design patents (overview of design patents) and provisional patents (overview of provisional patents). To determine whether to file a design patent or a provisional/utility patent application it is helpful to understand what your invention is directed towards. If your invention is directed towards novel and new functional features that [...]

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Should My Start-Up File A Provisional Or A Non-Provisional Patent Application?

A common question I receive from inventors and decision makers at Start-ups is whether they should file a provisional patent application or a non-provisional patent application for their new invention. There are benefits and detriments to both ways of beginning the patent process for an invention, which in some industries may be more important. Below [...]

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